An update . . . and a request

(An abbreviated version of what I sent to my email update group.)

I disappeared, didn’t I? Sorry about that. I’m swamped! As a friend of mine puts it, “I’m paddling as fast as I can!” I’ve been feverishly creating visuals that describe my project in preparation for the mid-review that happened on Oct 2 and researching and writing the 12-page paper (due Friday). Not much time for anything else.

For mid-review, each student in Senior Thesis set up what we had created so far and explained our project to the professors who came through. Those professors gave us input about how well (or not) we were presenting our project visually. They also made suggestions about how to make it stronger and portray what we wanted. My mid-review was weak. It takes me a long time to get what is in my head onto paper (or screen). I got some exceptionally good advice, though, that should help me create a visual presentation that does justice to my idea.

My goal is to demonstrate one way a person can “glean” a small revenue from the Web. One of my main project goals is to show how an affiliate program can be such a gleaning opportunity. When a person signs up as an affiliate, they get a code to insert into their website. They then create links to the various products they wish to recommend. When someone follows these links and subsequently purchases the product, the one who recommended it gets a small percentage (usually 2-10%). Everyone benefits.

Amazon Affiliates is relatively easy to join and to use, so I registered this website with them as an affiliate. I have many books I have reviewed or planned to review on the Review page. If you want any of those books, please consider visiting Amazon through the Review page on this website. I won’t get much (about 4%), but it would provide me with some empirical evidence that this idea works.

Also, if you are so inclined, you can email me items you would like to buy from Amazon. (Or even comment below this post.) I will put them on my site with a link to Amazon so you can buy them through here. It only adds the step of going to Amazon through my link. There is nothing else you have to do. As I said, it isn’t much, but it would mean a lot to my project.

I plan on several more updates here, in email (go to my splash page to sign up) and on Facebook. Stay tuned!