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Hello Loyal Blog Readers (all 2 of you? Hopefully, more coming soon.).

This site is about to be redesigned and repurposed. I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming activity and new glimpses into my life and thoughts.

Some of you may realize, either by following me online (here, Routines for Writers, Facebook) or because you were/are part of my everyday life, that five years ago, I emerged from some devastating personal circumstances and began a journey of healing. Part of that journey included my return to college. I had some experience creating web pages and wanted to explore that possibility as a career. Intuitively, I was drawn to explore and expand my creativity. That’s why I chose to major in Graphic Design rather than Information Systems, which would have focused more on the back-end of web development.

Now it’s time for my Senior Thesis Project, a combination research project and art exhibit, meant to showcase my skills and give me experience creating a project from start to finish. I have to write a research paper addressing some social, political or economical issue and then create a body of art work that addresses that research in some way.

My project will incorporate my love of helping people, my desire to communicate and my passion for social justice. The working title is The Gleaning Project, although I probably need to change that because there is at least one organization, in Pennsylvania, with that name. In agricultural settings, gleaning is to gather what is left of a crop after the regular harvest is reaped. In many areas, this provides aid to the poor and disenfranchised, giving them a means of providing themselves with some economic and social stability. My project brings this concept into the technological age and shows just how easy it can be to find and create gleaning opportunities. If you want more details, you may read SrThesisProposal_2015-08-21, which I submitted at the beginning of the course.

This website and blog is part of that project. This blog will be both research for and an example of gleaning in the technological age.

I am experimenting with some of the many ways to glean, most notably open source programs and affiliate opportunities. WordPress is a wildly successful example of open source technology, providing almost unlimited possibilities for creating professional looking webpages. This site is created with software. Affiliate programs give a small percentage of sales to those who refer others, after they purchase the product. Amazon Affiliates is readily accessible and well respected, so I’ll be using them to create a possible revenue stream by recommending books, e-readers, accessories and anything else I find useful or desirable.

If you would like email updates of my progress, sign up for my MailChimp email list (another aspect of my research). You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Eventually, you will be able to see me on LinkedIn and Behance.

Or just come visit this page periodically. I’ll be here.

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  1. Love that you’re using the concept of gleanings. And love the person you are and are becoming. You’re an inspiration to me, Steph. Will enjoy following your project.

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