A Face in the Clouds by Marianne Evans

          A Face in the Clouds follows one man’s struggle to reconcile the claims of the Gospel with his rational mind. Paul is a radio reporter. His job and his mindset demand he deal with facts and all things tangible as he investigates and reports on current and community events. He’s in love with Sandy, a co-worker at the radio station. Faith is a cornerstone of her life. Faith in a God that is real and active in her life, but one that Paul has discounted and rejected. Until now. In this Easter short story of hope and redemption we get to see Paul’s doubts and distrust collide with inner longings he’s barely sensed before now and outward events that bring him to a crossroad, a major turning point of decision.

          He and Sandy attend an Easter-season church service led by an artist who claims to draw for God. She prays and draws while music plays and the congregation watches. In the interview before the demonstration, she tells Paul she doesn’t know what she will draw when she begins. She allows God to lead her mind and her hands to create. During her conversation and her later demonstration, Paul is confronted with facts and tangibles that scream to be acknowledged. By the time he leave the church, many of his presuppositions have been challenged, analyzed and re-oriented. He’s ready to consider . . . only consider mind you . . . the reality of God.

          Marianne Evans crafts a heartwarming, believable story that peeks into one man’s heart and mind as he he comes face to face with the living God. If you enjoy reading stories of burgeoning faith, you are sure to enjoy A Face in the Clouds by Marianne Evans.

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  1. Hi, Stephanie! Thank you so much for the wonderful, touching review of A Face in the Clouds!! I’m honored by your enthusiasm, and I’m delighted you enjoyed it. By the way, browsing this lovely blog has me VERY hungry! What a great blog!! God bless, and thanks again!

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